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We Develop Leaders to Drive Results

Leadership Coaching

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IQ's Coaching helps leaders who are taking on new roles, building teams, or facing mission-critical challenges. Programs are customized to meet the needs of leaders at every level: Successful Executives, Physician Leaders, High Potential Leaders, and Essential Mid-level Leaders. 

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Leadership Development Programs

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Happy Work

A highly experiential program that enables leaders to care for and connect with themselves and others to create positive work cultures. Leaders learn how to develop resiliency resources for themselves and their teams. The program offers tools and practices to sustain happy work.

Absolute Accountability

Our Absolute Accountability® program offers leaders a practical framework and simple tools to promote accountability among peers and direct reports. The results are enhanced communication, ownership, and teamwork.

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Ethic Wise

Ethical leadership practices are associated with decreased burnout, improved engagement, and greater organizational commitment. Ethic Wise® is a highly interactive program that helps leaders bring their values into their leadership practices to drive trust, commitment, and results.

Putting Mindfulness to Work
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Take mindfulness beyond an employee benefits. Put it to work as a strategic initiative to drive business results. Leaders gain a practical understanding of workplace mindfulness and learn simple ways to bring mindfulness into their work and to their work teams. This eight-week course exposes leaders to both the science and the tangible benefits of mindfulness at work. The results are improved individual performance and enhanced teamwork.
A Workplace Mindfulness Certification is available to participants who complete the course work and certification requirements.

Mindful Journaling for Leaders

A powerful, reflective practice to enhance well-being and leader effectiveness. This program offers online access to brief daily mindfulness meditations and journaling prompts. Leaders develop a workplace mindfulness practice and gain valuable insight to advance their leadership practices. 

Speaking & Retreats

Mindful Journaling Sessions

Unite, energize, and fortify leaders and teams. A centering mindfulness exercise is followed by customized journaling prompts. This is an excellent way to create a common mindset in support of  a strategic initiative or to support teams in practicing building resiliency.

Workplace Mindfulness

Educate and equip leaders and teams with an engaging and informative exploration of the benefits of workplace mindfulness. Participants are introduced to the neuroscience behind the “feel good” and sample simple workplace mindfulness exercises.

HOPE for Resiliency

Build workforce resiliency and well-being with HOPE, a simple, evidenced-based model. Gain an understanding of the resiliency process and the four key resiliency resources; human connection, optimism, purpose and meaning, and empowerment.

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