Interactive Quality® Services 

Build Resiliency, Improve Engagement, Reduce Turnover, Enhance Teamwork 

IQ's Steady & Raise Resiliency Model enhances individual resiliency and offers organizational tools, structures, and strategies to strengthen your team's agility and perseverance.  
The program includes a baseline assessment, front line training, physician workshops, leadership development and strategic planning to address burnout and improve engagement and retention.
Our Absolute Accountability® program enhances teamwork and organizational performance. The program includes organizational goal cascading, customized tools, front-line training, leadership training, and individual leader coaching.
IQ's Ethic Wise® program offers leader-specific strategies to build trust, enhance engagement and commitment to organizational initiatives and results. It includes an assessment, leadership training,  leader-specific reports, and 1:1 coaching.   
IQ's Lead Smart Coaching draws on a wealth of evidence-based leadership principles and is customized to meet the needs of four distinct types of leaders: Successful Executives, Physician Leaders, High Potential Leaders and Essential Mid-level Leaders.    
IQ's GUEST SMART® communication guide is a universal strategy for building trust with patients, families, customers, and co-workers.  GUEST is easy to learn and highly effective for driving teamwork, instilling confidence, providing service recovery, leader rounding, and sharing information. 
Strategic Approach.
Customized to address targeted objectives and deliver sustainable results.
Scientific Process.
IQ services are evidence-based and anchored in validated assessments.
Measurable Outcomes.
Validated assessments measure improvements in leader effectiveness.


Build Individual and Organizational Resiliency
A practical resiliency model -  The Steady & Raise model decreases burnout and enhances individual and organizational agility and perseverance to navigate change and overcome challenges. 
Improve Accountability Throughout Your Organization

We are accountability experts - Accountability is so much more than “consequences” or monitoring compliance - our program opens up a whole new way of thinking and leading. This enables leaders to drive a higher level of ownership at the front-line and spend more time leading.


Get Results Faster

Strategic, customized approach - We respect your organization’s culture and build on its strengths to create sustainable success. We understand that each organization has unique strengths, opportunities, and goals. Our framework allows you to start where you are and efficiently takes you where you want to go.


Validated Metrics for Identifying and Improving Leadership’s Ability to Drive a Safety Culture

Validated Leadership Metric for Culture - IQ’s Ethic Wise® program offers a validated metric and bench-marking tool for improving culture. Leaders gain actionable insight for driving commitment, collaboration, and innovation. This tool builds trust and lays the cultural foundation for high reliability and an effective safety culture.