Resiliency Decreases Burnout and Turnover 

Build Resiliency and Improve Caregiver Well-Being

Interactive Quality's® Steady & Raise model provides a practical framework for front-line staff and leaders so that resiliency is developed at the individual level and operationalized through strategy, structures, and culture at the organizational level.

Providing staff and clinicians with a common resiliency framework allows individuals to enhance their resiliency and understand how they can support co-workers during challenging times. The Steady & Raise model helps caregivers connect with patients and regain the sense of joy and purpose that led them to a caring profession. 

Build Resiliency, Improve Engagement and Retention

There are many factors affecting caregiver burnout. Leaders can positively impact well-being and resiliency by creating cultures that support caregivers. Organizations able to connect daily operations to shared values bring both joy and meaning to today's challenging patient care environment.  Benefits extend far beyond caregiver well-being, enabling safer patient care, and greater organizational sustainability.

IQ's Steady & Raise model addresses individual, team, leader, and organizational drivers of burnout.  A baseline survey, provides specific, actionable measures for advancing culture to engage all types of caregivers.