for Everyone.

Improve Teamwork.
Create a Culture of Caring. 

Healthcare is complex.  Patient safety and patient satisfaction rely heavily on teamwork and collaboration.  During an average acute care stay, 50 individuals will care for a single patient.  At the center of excellent care is effective communication and exceptional teamwork.  


Interactive Quality® creates customized programs to enhance patient satisfaction based on each client's unique strengths and challenges.  Programs are comprehensive with a focus on creating cultures rich in trust and effective human dynamics.  Our leadership development programs, accountability framework, Caregiver Resiliency program, and communication tools define processes and develop human capital to create sustainable improvement in the patient experience.

Interactive Quality's GUEST Smart® communication guide is a simple, highly effective tool for enhancing communication and trust among caregivers and patients alike.  
GUEST Smart® Advantages
GUEST® respects clinicians' experience and judgement because it is a guide rather than a script.  This means clinicians are empowered by GUEST® to drive a better relationship with patients and co-workers
GUEST®  follows the flow of traditional nurse-patient interactions. This makes it easy to incorporate into clinician's daily routines.  
GUEST® is intuitive and simple to learn.  This means minimal, if any precious clinician time is spent in a classroom learning GUEST®. IQ consultants coach front line staff in the clinical setting to create the most effective learning environment. 
GUEST® is a universal tool that staff quickly embrace for its utility in a variety of situations.  This means adoption is faster. 
GUEST is used with patients, families, and most importantly co-workers.  This means practicing GUEST® builds trust, enhances teamwork and creates a culture that benefits both patients and staff