Unlock the Secret to Driving Commitment and Results.


Leader-Specific, Actionable Insight

The Ethic Wise®  assessment is a validated metric for the illusive cultural aspect of performance. Ethic Wise® assesses the perception of specific leadership practices that are proven to drive followers’ commitment to organizational goal achievement. Leaders receive individual reports with actionable insight to deliver results.


Ethic Wise® Leadership Program includes:

  • Baseline Assessment and Individual Leader Level Report

  • Ethical Leadership Workshop

  • Two Post-Workshop Assessments and Individual Leader Level Reports with Bench-marking and Trending Data

  • One-to-One Coaching

  • Organizational Bench-marking and Trending with the Ethic Wise™ Data Base that Correlates Key Performance Metrics to Followers’ Perception of Ethical Leadership Practices


“All in all, trust emerges as a most valuable and still highly underrated concept for the optimization of safety performance in High-Reliability Organizations.”

      -Trust in High-Reliability Organizations, Schobel, 2009

Learn how Ethic Wise® can drive trust and front-line commitment to achieve organizational results.