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Decrease Burnout, Improve Engagement, and Develop Leaders to Improve the Care Experience for All Stakeholders

About Interactive Quality®

We help healthcare organizations succeed.

IQ's resiliency model, accountabiltiy framework, and leadership development programs build individual and organizational capacity to improve care and performance.



Our mission is to maximize human achievement.  Through our customized programs we help individuals and leaders build resiliency, improve engagement and develop the agility needed to excel in today's complex healthcare environment.


Leaders create cultures and culture is the single most powerful factor influencing performance. Through strategic, scientific, measurable leadership development we equip leaders to create cultures of excellence and drive unparalleled business results. 

For our healthcare clients, this means:

  • Creating a better, safer patient experience

  • Enhancing the sense of joy & fulfillment healthcare leaders derive from their work

  • Laying the cultural foundation for sustained business results with strong financial performance and the ability to pursue opportunities far beyond routine operations  


We are committed to enhancing the care experience for all stakeholders and helping leaders achieve targeted results in a way that empowers and respects the individual, delivers results faster, and is independently sustainable.  Our strategic approach creates an efficient path forward.  Our evidence-based models and programs allow for actionable insights and measurable outcomes.  


Interactive Quality’s® purpose is to build resiliency and help leaders improve engagement, retention, and commitment.


We develop leaders who create cultures of excellence and drive unparalleled business results.  Our strategic, scientific, measurable methods draw on a wealth of research in the fields of leadership, change management, employee engagement, high reliability, and high performing teams.  Our expertise equips leaders to create work dynamics that maximize human achievement, driving better results, faster.   

Our Promise
Build Resiliency. Improve Engagement. Lead Smart.  

We are a Certified Woman Owned Small Business






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