Is the Speed of Change Blurring Your Vision?

Remember being a kid playing on a merry go round? Your hair blowing in your face and everything getting blurry as you spin by? When we move really fast, it’s natural to loose focus. Sometimes we miss the obvious. Healthcare is changing so rapidly and the myriad of initiatives aimed at improving performance and outcomes is dizzying. Even the best healthcare leaders may struggle to keep everything in focus. Culture can easily fall into a blind spot. But now, more than ever, culture matters. Value-based demands require agility and collaboration on an unprecedented scale. Sluggish, disconnected efforts make it all but impossible to capitalize on strategic opportunities to improve care, esta

Finding the North Star and Leading to Value

Have you noticed that value-based purchasing really complicates things? Back in the day, being an effective healthcare leader was a pretty straightforward job. Success required managing a handful of strategic physician relationships in order to drive volume. Today’s healthcare leaders traveling the road to value are much like explorers in uncharted lands. Without a North Star, it is easy to get lost along the way. The journey is difficult because shifting to value requires a complex network of trusting relationships among many, diverse stakeholders. Of course electronic medical records, effective process improvement and the use of data to guide efforts are really important too. But, li

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