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We Develop Leaders to Drive Results

Our Mission is to maximize human performance through exceptional leadership.


•    Coaching
•    Leadership Development Programs
•    Retreats & Speaking


•    Leadership
•    Resiliency
•    Workplace Mindfulness, 
•    Fostering Accountability
•    Performance Aides & Management


A customized, evidence-based approach that develops people, enhances culture, and drives results.

We have worked with healthcare organizations for over a decade to develop leaders at every level to drive mission-critical objectives. Our success comes from a customized approach that operationalizes the most relevant research in the fields of organizational performance, mindfulness, wellbeing, positive psychology, leader effectiveness, team performance, and industrial and organizational psychology to make it simple and easy to bring the science into daily workflows. 

Meet our Founder


Beth Guyton has a passion for developing leaders and creating positive, productive work environments in which both individuals and the organization flourish. Her expertise includes leadership coaching, leadership development, ethical leadership, resiliency, workplace mindfulness, and fostering accountability.

She founded IQ with the simple vision of helping organizations enhance the people piece of performance. As an extension of this work, she has created the Resiliency Well to support individual well-being and corporate initiatives to bring the benefits of mindfulness to work through leadership development and organizational strategy.
She holds a Masters of Applied Industrial and Organizational Psychology from George Mason University and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism from LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication. She is a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, Certified Workplace Mindfulness Strategist, Six Sigma Green Belt, and a trained mediator. You can connect with Beth on LinkedIn and follow Interactive Quality’s Resiliency Well on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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